500 g Maamoul Pistachio

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Maamoul with Pistachio is a popular Middle Eastern cookie that is similar to Maamoul with Dates but is filled with a mixture of ground pistachios, sugar, and spices. The cookie dough is typically made with semolina, flour, butter, and other ingredients such as rose water and orange blossom water. The dough is then filled with the pistachio mixture, which is made by finely grinding pistachios and mixing them with sugar, cinnamon, and other spices such as cardamom. The cookies are often shaped into small balls or crescents using a special mold or by hand, before being baked until golden brown. Once cooled, the cookies are often dusted with powdered sugar before serving. Maamoul with Pistachio is a delicious and beloved treat that is enjoyed by many in the Middle East and beyond.


Pistachios, sugar, spices, butter, dates, cinnamon, cardamom.